Stratego/XT Packages Integration Build

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation

The Stratego/XT packages integration build provides a heavily tested release of the latest version of Stratego/XT, its dependencies, and packages based on Stratego/XT. The packages are guaranteed to work together without any problems. The latest successful integration build is available at:

Installing more recent releases of individual packages (see continuous build) might result in incompatible combinations of packages, so this is discouraged.

How to install?

Nix Channel. We advice to use the Nix package manager for installing packages from our release management system. To keep your installation up to date, we advice to subscribe to the strategoxt-packages Nix channel, as explained on the release page of strategoxt-packages.

Nix Package. You can use the Nix package manager to install packages (without subscribing to the strategoxt-packages Nix channel) by clicking on the link for your platform of the package that you want to install (see the table at the channel page). If your browser asks what to do with this file, choose to open it using /nix/bin/nix-install-package.

Source. The integration build provides links to the releases that have been built and tested for this integration build. At the release pages of the individual packages, you will find source distributions.

RPM. Many packages also provide RPMs. Similar to installation from source, you can find RPMs at the release pages of the individual packages.

Binary Windows Archive. Some packages provide support for native Microsoft Windows. In this case the release page of the individual package provides a link to a .zip file that you can extract to any location in your file system. You don't need to install Cygwin.

Detailed instructions

See the installation instructions if you are not familiar with the standard installation procedure of source tarballs or RPMs.