How To Install The Tiger Compiler

Tiger in Stratego -- Compilation by Program Transformation
The TigerCompiler consists of four CompilerPackages. Download each of these packages.

Installing Tools.XT

To use the TigerCompiler packages you need an installation of XT-0.8. If you work at Utrecht University, you can use the installation of Tools.XT in /projects/stratego/xt. If you work at home you'll have to do the installation yourself.

Download version 0.8 from XtDownload. Extend your PATH with the path to XT-0.8/bin.

> gtar zxf XT-0.8.tar.gz
> cd XT-0.8
> ./configure --prefix=`pwd`
> gmake
> gmake install

Installing the Packages

Create a common directory for installing the compiler components, suppose $(tiger) points to that directory. Then install configure and build each package as follows:

> gtar zxf package-version.tar.gz
> cd package-version
> ./configure --prefix=${tiger} --with-xt=${xt}
> gmake
> gmake install

Build the packages in the following order:

See HowToTestTheTigerCompiler for instructions on using the compiler components.