Stratego Release 013 Issues

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
Issues for StrategoXT 0.13.


  • [STR-25] - Appl/2 or Cons/0 is a reserved term?
  • [STR-127] - ambiguity for negative numbers following colon in rules(..)
  • [STR-130] - dr old uses Pair constructor, which is not available in liblib
  • [STR-135] - Redefinition of external s not detected if s is not invoked in client code.
  • [STR-192] - sdf2rtg: support nice names for character classes
  • [STR-193] - sdf2rtg: support nice names for literals
  • [STR-194] - sdf2rtg: support literal alternatives
  • [STR-200] - rtg2sig: generates a Cons/1 constructor. Should be Cons/2
  • [STR-201] - Strc: programs that use a Cons/0, Cons/1, or Cons/3+ do not compile
  • [STR-203] - Quoted constructor caching causes illegal C identifier
  • [STR-204] - Congruences of quoted constructors are not desugared
  • [STR-205] - Strc: Programs that use a Nil/1+ constructor do not compile.
  • [STR-206] - Lift-dynamic-rules-old uses dummify of the new new lift-dynamic rules
  • [STR-209] - Aterm2xml implicit mode: produces an error for some annos.

New Feature

  • [STR-2] - Quoted constructors
  • [STR-146] - input option: check for multiple -i at command-line?
  • [STR-189] - sglri: accept flags to disable heuristic filters
  • [STR-190] - parse-stratego: support disabling sglr heuristic filters


  • [STR-23] - Make check fails at AIX/Power4
  • [STR-150] - Declare iowrap obsolete
  • [STR-202] - autoxt.m4: accept a flag --with-strategoxt-util


  • [STR-148] - New dynamic rules: use a more special dummy
  • [STR-158] - strc --version: use a C macro instead of generated .str module
  • [STR-191] - strc should report ambs and fail
  • [STR-207] - Needed-defs: refactor to new dr :+ feature.
  • [STR-208] - Sdf2rtg: use concrete syntax for SDF in error reports.
  • [STR-212] - Ppgen: error reporting of SDF productions is broken
  • [STR-221] - bootstrap scripts: use autoreconf
  • [STR-222] - share config aux files by using AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR
  • [STR-223] - All macros in autoxt.m4 should use the XT prefix.