Stratego Release 081

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
Version 0.8.1
released: September 20, 2002

This is a maintenance release, providing small improvements over version 0.8.
The concrete syntax extension requires new versions of the packages asfix-tools (0.4),
sdf-tools (0.4), stratego-tools (0.4), and gpp (2.4).

   * List variables can now occur by themselves and in variable scopes
   * Support for CGI programming in library (see module cgi)
   * Verbose mode for parse-cmod

   * --enable-develop mode for ssl package enables remaking of =.rtree= files for library modules
   * Install compiler components in libexec/
   * Include install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs in all packages
   * Make targets for creating RPM's

-- EelcoVisser - 30 Sep 2002