Frequently Asked Questions

Tiger in Stratego -- Compilation by Program Transformation
Q: How can I stay up to date with what is going on?

A: Subscribe yourself to a daily message with pages changed in this wiki web by adding your name to the list in WebNotify.

Q: How does this wiki site work?

A: See OneMinuteWiki

Q: What is the preferred mode of asking questions?

A: Add your question to this page and drop an email to EelcoVisser and EelcoDolstra. If the question is long, it might be a good idea to make it into a wiki name and put the text of the question in the page for that topic. As for example with the following question:

Q: HowToInstallTheTigerCompiler
Q: HowToTestTheTigerCompiler
Q: How can I build the compiler components with only X MB of disk quota?

A: Use the /projects/hpc directory. You can make a directory in it for your project. Since it is in project space there are no quota attached.

Q: LET/2 does not exist but is referred to in the section about translating strings in TAS2IR. Can we just replace it with ESEQ/2?

A: No, ESEQ has a different meaning. LET is defined in module IR, see IntermediateRepresentation. However, it has only been introduced in version 0.2 of the TigerTrans package.