Relativity Technologies

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Relativity Technologies is a leading supplier of legacy modernization solutions. Our technology offerings enable Information Technology organizations to take advantage of new business opportunities by significantly reducing the risk, cost and time associated with maintaining and operating complex, customized legacy systems, re-deploying systems to new technology platforms, improving the performance of their mission-critical applications and rapidly integrating key business processes with modern enterprise and Web-based technologies.

Relativity Technologiesí Rescueware solutions improve the economics of legacy modernization by automating the transformation of mission-critical business processes. Rescueware significantly reduces the risk associated with these projects by enabling organizations to understand the business value contained within the complex structure of their legacy systems. Using an advanced technology called Knowledge Mining, Rescueware identifies, isolates and repackages mission-critical business processes and workflows as functionally specific objects that can easily be integrated with more modern enterprise and e-Business solutions.

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