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ProgramTransformation techniques are used in a many areas of SoftwareEngineering ranging from ProgramSynthesis, via ProgramOptimization and ProgramRefactoring, to ReverseEngineering and DocumentationGeneration. Many theories, tools and applications have been developed over the last 30 years. Often the results of these efforts are used only in a small community. It is the purpose of this online survey of program transformation to get an overview of the field of ProgramTransformation from all perspectives. The site is based on WikiWikiWeb? such that you can contribute to the survey. Feel free to add to these pages and create new topics. -- EelcoVisser


What is program transformation?

An overview of the application areas of program transformation

An analysis of the problems that tools address and their solution paradigms

Issues in the implementation of transformation systems

Papers and collections of papers on program transformation

A list of transformation tools

Lists of people and organizations involved in program transformation

Explorations of special areas of program transformation

Other places where you learn about program transformation

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