Tool Reference

XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools


  • autoxt -- installs makerules and autoconf macros for using XT tools




  • pack-sdf -- packs a set of SDF2 modules into a single definition
  • pp-sdf -- pretty prints Stratego.SDF2 in abstract syntax to concrete syntax
  • parse-sdf-module and parse-sdf-definition -- parse an Stratego.SDF2 definition or module to abstract syntax
  • sdf-desugar and sdf-ensugar -- remove or add trivial syntactic sugar




  • sdf2rtg -- generates an abstract syntax definition in RTG from an SDF syntax definition.
  • rtg2sig -- generates a Stratego signature from an abstract syntax definition in RTG.
  • format-check -- Check if an ATerm is part of the language defined by an RTG.
  • rtg2typematch -- Generates a duck-typing based strategy that checks if an ATerm is of a type defined in an RTG.



  • sdf2table -- generates an sglr parse table from an sdf2 syntax definition



  • term-to-dot -- transforms an ATerm to a graph in the DotLanguage
  • pp-aterm -- pretty prints an ATerm to text with whitespace to show the tree structure of the ATerm.


  • aterm2xml -- convert an ATerm to an XML document.
  • xml2aterm -- convert an XML document to an ATerm.

  • parse-xml-doc? -- parses an XML document to xml-doc
  • pp-xml-doc? -- pretty-prints xml-doc to an XML document
  • parse-xml-info -- parses an XML document to xml-info
  • pp-xml-info -- pretty-prints xml-info to an XML document
  • data2xml-doc? -- transforms an ATerm to a comparable XML document represented in xml-doc.
  • xml-info2data? -- transforms xml-info to a somewhat comparable ATerm

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